My parents divorced when I was a toddler, and let me tell you that ‘back then’ it was not a good thing to be the daughter of a divorcee! Some parents at school just about shuddered when I walked past their child.  I love that today it does not matter whether or not we get married, whether or not we are divorced, all types of families are accepted by society.

Strangely though, I still felt a bit of a failure after my divorce, as though my family was not quite legitimate without its missing member. However I have now been a single mum for a while, and really feel that we are a family, no matter how many of us there are. It really helps that we have a great relationship and talk about everything under the sun. And in fact I am positively proud of the fact that after a lot of hard work, I feel I have single-handedly developed into a rather awesome parent!

The things that contribute to the feeling of family are a lot of little things, like the ‘in’ jokes, knowing each other’s likes and dislikes, mutual respect and open communication. It’s caring for our family members ahead of others, but still putting my wellbeing ahead of their needs so I can care for them with a full heart.

We share a love of learning and discovery, helping others and animals. We also enjoy cheesy jokes, Eurovision pop songs and chocolate. But we have very different tastes when it comes to hobbies, books and junk food. And we give each other space to do our own thing.

I’ve learned that no matter how big or how small our numbers, we have a bond that cannot be explained in words, we are family.

Family – we may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

Happy parenting!

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