So you got the spaghetti out of your hair, found your second shoe in the Lego box and settled the kids and the baby sitter in front of the TV with gooey pizza and a pile of Disney DVDs.

Now comes the easy stuff…

As a single parent you are probably used to managing lots of things all at once, from little Timmy’s tantrum to Melanie’s homework, at the same time chatting to your BFF on the mobile and stirring the pot bubbling on the stove.

But when you walk out that door, it’s time to think about you and only you! And your date of course.

Dress the part

Dump the comfy clothes in the washing basket for the night and dress up : dress to impress and enjoy the feeling of someone looking at you that way, you know, like they are thinking about something else than the new outfit…

Time to F-O-C-U-S on the grown up stuff, so it’s out of parent-mode and time to remember who you were when you first learned to flirt in high school! You get the idea.

Sort your priorities…

Of course the kids will always come first no matter what, but your date needs to feel you can still make room in your life for someone else. Relationships take time to build and grow, so on this first night out together, leave any worries behind and enjoy yourself.

Enjoy the fact that you are two grown ups with no screaming kids running around, enjoy the food, the freedom and the atmosphere. Whatever eventually comes after this first date, just enjoy the moment.

Yes, you do deserve it!

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Wayne Gretzky

Happy Parenting!

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