Meditation for beginners (pets optional)

As part of my ongoing travels on the path of single parenting, I have tried many methods to keep balanced, keep focused , keep my head on straight! We all have those days when we wake up calm and collected, then Junior starts mucking around...

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You are the expert

Like many a new mum I read all the baby books I could lay my hands on before my little bundle of joy arrived. The idea being that I would then feel confident and know what to do in every situation, hmm. And yet, the minute my son arrived I gave...

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We are family

My parents divorced when I was a toddler, and let me tell you that ‘back then’ it was not a good thing to be the daughter of a divorcee! Some parents at school just about shuddered when I walked past their child.  I love that today it does not...

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The future’s so bright

There’s every chance that when you first live life as a single parent, your finances will be stretched and you’ll be watching every penny. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. I was lucky to find a great budgeting program which allowed me to...

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Ask for the help you need

If you are new at single parenting, you may think it’s up to you to make everything ok, and to solve all the problems your children may have. If you have been in the single parenting game for a while, you’ll know this is not only unrealistic,...

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Caring, growing, thriving

To make it in one piece throughout the ups and downs of life as a single parent, there is one very important person you must look after, ahead of anything or anyone else: you! Don't feel guilty It’s not selfish for you to do this, rather you...

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Co parenting – you can do it!

Most single parents report that, after money worries and new relationships, co-parenting with the ex is their third biggest challenge. To shape a child’s life is one the most important thing we can ever do, but after a split, it can also be...

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